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Hyde Park Preschool
2024-25 Rates

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Due at Time of Enrollment
  • Enrollment Fee:   $125
  • May 2024 Tuition Deposit:   $495

Due on or by First Day of School
  • Supply Fee:
                  Ones-Twos:  $100
                  Threes: $125
                   Fours:   $150

Due by the 5th of Each Month from Sept. 2023-April 2024 (Late fee of $15 is assessed after the 5th of each month)
  • Monthly Tuition: $495

Due at the Beginning of each Semester
  • Stay ‘n Play (2:00pm - 3:00pm care) *You must sign up for Stay ‘n Play for your child to be enrolled as spots are limited.
         Fall:  $560
         Spring: $560

Contact Information
         Hyde Park Preschool  Phone: 512-465-8319

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