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New Sermon Series
Getting Through What You're Going Through

We have all endured an unusual number of intense challenges in the past few years. The pandemic, the stumbling economy, violence in public places, and the war in Eastern Europe may top the current list of problems confronting us. As a result of these problems and many from our personal lives, suffering has become a way of life. What does God say to His people in the midst of suffering? Our new series, GETTING THROUGH WHAT YOU’RE GOING THROUGH will find answers!

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Hyde Park Baptist & The Quarries Church believe in the power of prayer!

Prayer moves the hand that moves the world.

"My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations ."
Matthew 21:13



Hyde Park & The Quarries Church exists to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by:

Evangelizing lost people everywhere, Educating all people with the Word of God, Exalting the Lord in prayer and congregational worship, Edifying the people of God through fellowship and love, and Equipping disciples to use their time, talents, and treasure in ministry.