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Grow Group Class Information

  • Children – Currently we are posting resources via email & Facebook.  Contact: HannahLee @ hduffey@hpbc.org
  • International College – WebEx mid-week group & Sunday Group Contact: Danny dbivens@hpbc.org
  • Single Groups:  Contact: Danny dbivens@hpbc.org or June jspikes@hpbc.org
    • Mix – Special needs group not meeting but will follow up often
    • Crossroads - Zoom Thursday Prayer/Study Group at 7pm & Sunday Group at 9:30am.
  • Paradigm group to join Crossroads.
  • Young Adults: Contact: Danny dbivens@hpbc.org
    • The Door – Zoom Sundays at 6pm.
    • Me & My House – Zoom mid-week prayer group & Sunday Group at 9:45am.
    • Homebuilders – Zoom Sunday Group at 9:45am.
    • Young Families – Zoom Sunday Group at 10am.
    • Simplify – Zoom Sunday Group at 10am.
  • Adult Groups: Contact: dbivens@hpbc.org
    • Light House – In-person & Zoom Sunday Group at 9:45am.
    • Tapestry – Zoom Sunday Group at 2pm.
    • FaithLife – Zoom Sunday Group at 9:30am.
    • Sr. Adult Groups: Contact: Dan dgardner@hpbc.org
      • Adult 3 – Zoom Sunday Group at 7:30am.
      • Sr. Bible 1 – In-Person Room E112 at 9:45am 
      • Sr. Adults 1/2/3 - In-person at 9:45am in room E111, E112 & E114  
  • Hispanic – Sunday Worship livestream & in-person at 11am. In-Person Room West 3rd Floor at 9:45am. Contact: Tony tgonzales@hpbc.org
  • Chinese – Sunday Worship livestream Contact: Nelson nelsonswng@gmail.com
  • QCLivestream Worship Sunday 10am & some in-person groups and some meeting via Zoom.  Contact: Jonathan jbowman@hpbc.org
  • Discipleship Groups:
    • Tuesday Women's Ladies Group via Zoom Contact: June jspikes@hpbc.org
    • Wednesday Women's Group begins October 7 via Zoom. Contact: Vicki vsmith@hpbc.org
    • Monday Men’s Group meets in-person at 6pm at The Quarries Church via Zoom Contact: Danny dbivens@hpbc.org
    • Widows, Elderly & Homebound Weekly Outreach. Contact: Dan dgardner@hpbc.org
  • Adults on Mission Group via Zoom – Contact: June jspikes@hpbc.org

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