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Adult Grow Groups

Sunday Groups

Sr. Adult Classes:
  • Sr. Adult Bible 1 (65+ couples) Room E112
  • Sr. Adult 1/2/3 (65+ single & couples) Room E114
  • Sr. Adult 1/2/3 (60+ ladies) Room E111
  • Sr. Adult 5 (65+ single & couples) Room E110
  • Adult 3 (Mixed mostly 60s and up) Room Friendship Hall

Adult Classes:
  • Adult 4 (60s and up) Room E208
  • Tapestry (50+ Ladies) Room W210
  • Higher Ground (55+ older singles) Room W218
  • FaithLife (50s and up) Room S230
  • Harbor (mixed ages) Room E202
  • Light House (40s-50s and up) Room E242

Young Adult Classes:
  • Simplify (couples w/teen & college kids) Room S234
  • Young Adults/Couples (adults w/elem. & teen kids) Room S408  
  • Young Families (adults w/no kids & babies - elem.) Room S406
  • Crossroads (singles 30s and up) Room W216
  • Intl. College/Adults (Mixed ages. ESL - English as a second language) Room W308
  • 1825 Group (college & singles 18 -20s) Room South Basement

Other Ministry Classes:
  • Students Ministry 6th - 12th grade - Fifth Floor South Building
  • Children Ministry babies - 5th grade - First Floor South Building
  • Chinese Ministry meets on the 5th Floor South Building 10 am & 11 am
  • Hispanic Ministry meets on the 3rd Floor West Building at 9:45 am

Midweek Groups:
  • Mon. Men’s Group (Burger Boys) at 7 pm at the Quarries CLC, Email: aggiefiddler@gmail.com 
  • Tues. Young Men’s Group (Alan) at 6 pm, Email: aarthur@hpbc.org 
  • Tues. Ladies Group (French) at 9:30 am at the Quarries CLC, Email: french527@gmail.com 
  • Tues. Men’s Group (French) at 7am Email: french527@gmail.com 
  • Tues. 18- 25 Men's & Ladies Group at 7pm, Email: aarthur@hpbc.org
  • Thus. Men’s Group (Turner) at 6:30 am, Email: jturner@hpbc.org 
  • Wed. Men’s Group (Rodriquez) at 7 am, Email: henrod@austin.rr.com 
  • Wed. Ladies Group (Smith/Spikes) at 6pm via Zoom, Email: vsmith@hpbc.org or jspikes@hpbc.org
  • Thurs. Mom’s Together Group at 9:30am, at the Quarries CLC, Email: hpbc.org/moms
  • Thurs. Men’s Group (McDonough) at 7am, Email: mmcdonough@hpbc.org 
  • Friday Men’s Group (Funderburk) at 6am, Email: kendall.funderburk@gmail.com

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