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Student Pastor - Steven Scifers
Just as we are one church in multiple locations, we are one student ministry in multiple locations. The mission of Hyde Park Student Ministry is to fulfill the mission of the church by engaging students and their families where they are with the gospel of Jesus Christ and leading them into lives of transformation. We seek to accomplish this mission through our weekly events, special events, and missions.
Student Ministry Grow Groups meet at the same time as most of the rest of the church’s Grow Groups, 9:45. We meet on the 5th floor of the south building. Our time looks a little different than they do compared to an adult class. Let me give you a glimpse! When a students walks in, they’ll be greeted by either myself or an adult volunteer. They can also jump right in and play air hockey, ping pong or foosball. At 9:50, a countdown will start signaling students to begin taking a seat. At the end of the countdown, we’ll have a time of announcements, we’ll play a game, and then jump into the large group teaching time. This is the time a student staff member sets up the lesson for the morning, we then dismiss to Table Groups.

Table Groups are broken down by age and gender and led by adult volunteers. It’s a time to develop community, as well as dive deeper into the morning’s lesson by being able to discuss it as a group. We believe in Table Groups because it’s a way to make our large group a little smaller, thereby making it easier for students to open up about questions they may have, or share things God is teaching them. The goal is for that Table Group to feel like a family. Sunday mornings in the Student Ministry are a blast! We hope you can be a part!

As the student ministry, we not only want to inform, equip and resource our students, but their parents as well! Below you’ll see 2 links: one of them is to our monthly Parent Newsletter. In it, you’ll find information on what we’re doing in the student ministry, highlights of events we may have just had, promotions for upcoming events, ways parents can serve and pray for the ministry, and helpful articles and excerpts for parents of teenagers.

The other link is for Elevate parent workshops/seminars. These are intended to be a resource to parents as they raise their teens in an unusual day and time. These Elevate meetings include a variety of topics that range from things Gen Z struggles with and excels at, apps that students are using and what you should know about them, as well as other tips and spiritual “life-hacks” to help families pursue God together! While things meetings were formerly in person, we’ve had to move these to a digital format. Check out the link to our most recent Elevate YouTube video!


Grades 6-12
Oct 9 - 10

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