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UPDATE FROM : May 28, 2023

Church Family,

Speaking on behalf of every member of your Pastor Search Committee, let me again thank you for your continued prayer for us! From the beginning of this process, we have prioritized prayer, and our prayer times together have been precious. One result of that prayer is that God has given us a unity and harmony that only the Lord can give!

That said, we are pleased and excited to report that we should have a Senior Pastor recommendation for you within the next 4-6 weeks!

We are currently working with the appropriate “next steps” in the process to be consistent with the church calendar, our church bylaws, committee requirements, and deacon approval. Please keep praying, and be looking for our recommendation soon!

We love our church family, and we are looking forward to that time when we can celebrate together “God’s man” for Hyde Park Baptist & The Quarries Church!

Have a blessed day,
Danny Bivens
Chairman, Pastor Search Committee

 UPDATE FROM: April 20, 2023

Church Family,

Again, thank you on behalf of your Search Committee team! Thank you for your prayers; thank you for your patience; thank you for your support; and thank you for your encouragement!

We have now been one month without a Senior Pastor, and yes, we’re officially a church in “transition”; however, we each have every opportunity during this transition to continue all those ministries that make us the Great Commission-minded church we have always been. Jim Richards has proven to be an outstanding interim pastor, our grow groups continue to thrive, our Wednesday “Brown Bag Lunch” Bible studies have been encouraging, and we are working together in anticipation of yet another meaningful Vacation Bible School time under Jenna Arthur’s leadership! Transition or not, we are moving forward!

Your Search Committee is continuing to meet and to prayerfully and faithfully follow the process, and we have narrowed the candidate field from the “many” to the “few.” We are currently praying over and evaluating these candidates more in-depth in the weeks ahead. You have entrusted us with this endeavor, and I can assure you that each and every one of us take this trust very seriously. Like you, we want God’s man for Hyde Park. Nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else!

Coveting your continued prayers and patience,
Danny Bivens
Chairman, Pastor Search Committee

UPDATE FROM: March 21, 2023

Church Family,

Sunday was a glorious day in the life of our church as we celebrated Dr. Bowman together! God has, indeed, blessed us with his leadership these past 26 years! Hebrews 13:7 rings ever true: “Remember those who led you, who spoke the Word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith.”

So what’s next? We move together into the next phase of God’s plan for our church family! Isaiah 43:18-19 immediately comes to mind: “Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder things of the past. Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.”

Your Pastor Search Committee is continuing to meet as we seek God’s man for our next Senior Pastor. Luke 18:1 tells us that we “ought always to pray and not lose heart,” and that’s what we need and covet the most from you!

1. Pray for our church family during this time of transition. Pray specifically for harmony and patience and that we will continue the work of the kingdom in this transition time.
2. Pray for the candidates who have expressed interest in being considered for our next Senior Pastor. Pray for them, their families, and for their church families where they are currently serving.
3. Pray for Jim Richards. Jim is our Pastor Search Committee advisor, and beginning March 26th, he will begin serving as our Interim Pastor as well.
4. Pray for US, that we will be faithful to the process; that we will put aside personal prejudices and preferences; and that we will remain submissive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
5. Pray for our next meeting, Sunday, March 26, as we begin the process of narrowing the candidates.

Danny Bivens
Chairman, Pastor Search Committee

 UPDATE FROM: March 1, 2023

Church Family,

In our most recent Wednesday Live prayer meeting, Dr. Bowman shared Psalm 65:2: "O You Who hear prayer, to You all men come." That said, please be assured we on YOUR Pastor Search Committee are sincerely appreciative to YOU for "coming to the One Who hears our prayers" as we collectively seek His will for our next Senior Pastor.

As you know, the committee is continuing to follow the process developed by our committee advisor, Dr. Jim Richards (https://sbtexas.com/?s=pastor+search+handbook ). Pursuant to that process, we solicited YOUR input through our pastor questionnaires and the January 29th "listening session" to help us narrow our focus for the kind of Senior Pastor YOU would like to see. Additionally, we have received multiple candidate recommendations from you as well as other external references, and we will be in a position to begin reviewing candidates in mid-late March.

Many of you have asked about the consideration of existing staff for Senior Pastor consideration. To clarify, our bylaws do allow recommendations of existing church staff members, and those references will be considered in the same manner as all other candidates. The appropriate bylaw language is provided on the church website (https://www.hpbc.org/pastorsearch ).

I want to encourage you to add Dr. Jim Richards to your prayers. In addition to his role as advisor to the Search Committee, he will be serving as our Interim Pastor beginning March 26th and will do so until we have a new Senior Pastor in place. Dr. Richards is an outstanding Bible communicator, and I know we will be blessed as he serves in this role for us.


Danny Bivens
Chairman, Pastor Search Committee

UPDATE FROM: February 2, 2023

Church Family,

On behalf of the Pastor Search Committee, THANK YOU again for your participation at our January 29th “listening session.” Your input was most helpful and insightful, and we will be compiling your comments to develop a “pastor profile” that best reflects YOUR preferences for our next Senior Pastor.

In the meantime, just a few reminders:

  1. PLEASE continue praying for the committee, the search process, and for the man God is already preparing to be our next Senior Pastor.

  2. If you haven’t already done so, please complete the Congregational Survey. Hard copies are available at the Breezeway Welcome Kiosk and online at hpbc.org/pastorsearch for soft copies. Try to have those completed by February 15th.
The committee will be meeting again on February 5th. Consistent with the process Dr. Jim Richards has shared with us, in addition to developing a “pastor profile,” we will be working as a group to develop a “church profile” (who WE are as a church family) and a “community profile” (who THEY are, i.e., Austin and those we seek to reach for the Lord Jesus). These profiles will guide the committee and be provided to all our Senior Pastor candidates.

We have already begun the process of receiving candidate recommendations and hope to begin reviewing those in late February/early March.

Again, it is our goal to keep you informed as we work through the process, so continue to look for updates in the Logon and at hpbc.org/pastorsearch as they become available.

Danny Bivens
PSC Chairman

UPDATE FROM : January  20, 2023

Church Family,

At the outset, THANK YOU for all the prayers, support, and encouragement you have already given me and the members of the Pastor Search Team!

We are committed to communicate with you on a regular basis about our progress. We met for the first time as a team this past Sunday (January 15th). We spent a good bit of time in prayer and building harmony as a group, as well as walking through the SBTC Pastor Search Handbook with our committee advisor, Dr. Jim Richards. Dr. Richards and his associate, Tony Wolfe, have decades of experience in helping churches navigate the search for a new pastor. It is our commitment as a team to prayerfully and faithfully follow the process in conjunction with the leading of God’s Spirit as we seek God’s man for Hyde Park.

A key component of the process is to solicit feedback, comments, recommendations, etc. FROM YOU! To that end, please note the following:

  1. The committee would like every church member to complete a Congregational Survey. The survey will be available in hard copy (at our Breezeway Welcome Kiosk and also in our grow group classes) OR electronically, by going to www.hpbc.org/pastorsearch and clicking on “Congregational Survey.” Completed hard copies should be returned to the Breezeway Welcome Kiosk.

  1. In addition to the survey, we would like to invite all church members to attend a “listening session” on Sunday, January 29th, at 6:00 p.m. in Friendship Hall where members of the Pastor Search Team will facilitate a dialogue with those present to receive your feedback.

Luke 18:1 tells us, “We ought always to pray and not lose heart,” so please keep praying, and we will look forward to seeing you on the 29th!

Danny Bivens

Third Amended and Restated Bylaws of Hyde Park Baptist Church

Article 3: THE PASTOR

The Pastor shall be God's undershepherd and overseer of the Church. He shall apply, teach, and proclaim God's Word in order to nourish, strengthen and guide the Church.

3.1 Qualifications and Duties:

(a) The Pastor shall be the leader of the Church and shall lead the Church to function as a New Testament Church in carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ as stated in Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8.

(b) The Pastor shall lead the Church in Evangelizing lost people everywhere; Educating all people with the Word of God; Exalting the Lord in prayer and congregational worship; Edifying the people of God through fellowship and love; and Equipping disciples to use their time, talents, and treasure in ministry.

(c) The Pastor, or his designee, shall serve as Moderator at Conference Meetings and at other appropriate meetings.

(d) The Pastor or his designee(s) shall regularly administer the Ordinances of Baptism and the Lord's Supper in accordance with Scripture and in a manner that fulfills the spiritual needs of the Church.

(e) The Pastor is the overseer of the Church's ministries and programs and shall supervise directly or by delegation all Church employees. The Pastor has the right to terminate any Church Employee.

(f) The Pastor has the authority to call and cancel worship services.

3.2 Pastor's Resignation and Vacancy:

(a) The Pastor may relinquish his position as the Pastor by giving notice to the Church t the time of resignation.

(b) The Church may declare the office of Pastor to be vacant. Such action shall require an affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of those Church Members present at a Church Meeting called for that purpose. The Conference Meeting may be called and moderated by the Pastor orby the Chairman of Deacons.

(c) If the office of Pastor is vacant or of the Pastor is incapacitated and unable to perform the duties of the Pastor, the Chairman of Deacons in consultation with the Executive Staff shall assign the duties of the Pastor to one or more of the Executive Staff.

3.3 Interim Pastor

(a) Upon vacancy in the office of the Pastor, an Interim Pastor may be selected within a reasonable period of time as herein provided. The Interim Pastor shall have the same spiritual qualifications as the Pastor. The Interim Pastor will not be a candidate for the office of the Pastor. No person who is a Church Employee at the time of vacancy in the office of the Pastor may be selected as Interim Pastor.

(b) The Interim Pastor shall be recommended to the Church for approval by the Interim Pastor Search Committee as provided in Paragraph 3.3(c).

(c) The Interim Pastor Search Committee shall be chaired by the Chairman of Deacons. The remaining members of the Interim Pastor Search Committee shall be the other Deacon Officers, the Executive Staff, the Chairman of the Personnel Committee and the Chairman of the Finance Committee. In the event that there is a change in the Chairman of the Personnel Committee, Chairman of Finance Committee, or Deacon Officers during the selection process, the composition of the Interim Pastor Search Committee will remain unchanged.

(d) A written job description shall be determined by the Interim Pastor Search Committee and approved by the Church in a Conference Meeting.

(e) Upon the recommendation of the Interim Pastor Search Committee, the services of an Interim Pastor may be terminated by a majority of Church Members present and voting at a Conference Meeting called for that purpose.

3.4 Pastor Selection

Whenever a vacancy occurs in the Office of Pastor, the Chairman of Deacons, the most recent past Chairman of Deacons who is available and qualified to serve, the Chairman of the Personnel Committee, Chairman of the Finance Committee, Chairman of the Trustees and Chairman of the Committee on Committees shall nominate one (1) person to serve as chairman and eight (8) others as members to serve as the Pastor Search Committee. The nominees shall be selected from the Membership of the Church and presented as a slate of nine (9) members to the Church in a Conference Meeting called for that purpose for approval by the Members. If the Members do not approve the slate of members of the Pastor Search Committee, a new slate will be presented to the Church in accordance with this Section 3.4.

3.5 Presentation of a Pastor Candidate to the Church

(a) Upon selection of a candidate and presentation of a recommendation to the Deacons for consideration, the Pastor Search Committee shall invite the Pastor Candidate to preach at least one (1) Sunday worship service in view of a call as Pastor.

(b) The Chairman of Deacons or his designee shall serve as Moderator for the Conference Meeting to consider calling a Pastor.

(c) The affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the Church Members casting a vote is required to call a Pastor.

(d) Prior to the Church issuing a call to a Pastor Candidate, the Personnel Committee shall have reached an acceptable understanding with the Pastor Candidate on the terms of employment as Pastor.