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DUE TO THE CORONA VIRUS, WE HAVE BEEN MEETING ONLINE.  However, we are EXCITED to announce PHASE 2/5 of our road back to re-gathering in Grow Groups!

PHASE #2.5
Begins: 11/1/2020
Adults and Children In-Person 9:45am Classes
Sr. Adult Classes at 9:45am:
  • Sr. Adult Bible 1 - S. Rich - Room E112
  • Sr. Adult 1/2/3 Couples - R. Gunn Room E114
  • Sr. Adult 1/2/3 Women - M. Gardner Room E111
  • Sr. Adult 5 - M. Ward - Room E110

  • Adult Classes:
  • Light House (50s and up) – D. King - Room E220
  • FaithLife (50s and up)“Zoom Room Teaching” in S230
  • Harbor (Mixed group) - C. Hinds - Room E202
  • Higher Ground (Singles 50s and up) - Room W218
  • Adult 3 (60s and up) - K. Jennings - Room Friendship Hall
  • Adult 4 (60s and up) - J. Mims - Room E208

  • Young Adult Classes:
  • Simplify (Couples 40s and up) “Zoom Room Teaching” in S234
  • Young Families (Couples 30s and up) “Zoom Room Teaching” in S242
  • Homebuilders (Couples 30s and up) D. Huang - Room E226
  • The Door (Couples 20s and up) J. Alcantar - E226
  • Me and My House (Couples 20s and up) “Zoom Room Teaching” in E224
  • Crossroads (Singles 20s and up) - J. Roland - Room W216
  • Intl. Adult/College (Mixed group) - M. Winkleman - Room W330

  • Other Ministry Classes:
  • Students Ministry All Ages - Fifth Floor South Building
  • Children Ministry All Ages - First Floor South Building

  • International Ministries:
  • Hispanic Ministry - West 3rd Floor Building 9:45am
  • Korean Ministry - West 3rd Floor Building at 11am

For more information about our online Grow Groups see our class directory with contact information.

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."

Proverbs 27:17

Grow Groups are about relationships, and relationships are what God uses to grow and mature our faith in Him. One of the best ways to build these relationships at Hyde Park Baptist Church and The Quarries Church is through Grow Groups. Our Grow Groups create opportunities for people to connect more deeply, grow in Christian maturity, and spread the gospel throughout Austin.
Take a look below at our Grow Groups. We have many different types of groups and for all ages. To find out more about Grow Groups or any adult ministry, please don't hesitate to contact the church office at 512-459-6587.


ISAIAH: The Date:  About 740 B.C.  The Situation:  Israel, the northern kingdom, faces extinction at the hands of the Assyrians, and the threat of attack upon the southern kingdom of Judah is ever present.  In this critical hour of national emergency, the prophet Isaiah delivers a word from God.  The nation of Judah is rotten to the core and ripe for judgment for her sins of idolatry, hypocritical worship, social injustice, and corrupt leadership.  But the prophet also holds forth the promise of restoration should the nation turn back to God.


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